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Deep Hydration For Winter Hair

Deep Hydration For Winter Hair

Fanola has so many options when it comes to hydration but understanding your hair type is important


At many workshops we noticed that many people choose the wrong type of hydration product for their hair type, which often leads to either greasy scalp or unhappy results 


When choosing the right product you need to identify your hair type


Fine hair - Opt for our Botugen Botox mask, Nourishing Nutricare mask these masks are light weight in terms of an oil base and have more of a water based hydration than oil based so your hair will still feel great and not weighed down.


Medium to thick hair - Smooth Care Mask this is packed with cotton seed oil which will nourish your hair using an oil base to help lock in and control frizz


Curly or wavy hair - Curly shine 


Frizzy hair types whether fine or thick - Keraterm Mask


A leave in treatment may also be a solution if you have intense dryness or prefer a quick on the go solution and lack the time to sit with a mask. Remember that with a mask the pH of the product is often much lower than a conditioner so it seals down the cuticle of your hair preventing it from drying out.  

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