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How To Care For Your QueenB Product

As you would treat your natural hair the same is expected with your QueenB hairpiece. You do need to be a little gentler.




  • Depending on how often you use your hairpiece you should wash your extensions when you feel they may be a little greasy on the top (where your clips are) due to your natural hair oils that may have absorbed on the hairpiece.
  • It is best not to wash your hairpiece unnecessarily or more than needed because they will start to try dry out. Remember your natural hair produces oils from the scalp, which keep your hair hydrated, and hair extensions do not have this supply of natural oil.
  • It is recommended that you detangle your hairpiece before washing, start from brushing from the tips of your hairpiece and work your way up. If the knots on your hairpiece are difficult to remove, try using a spray on conditioner or normal conditioner.
  • Gently finger wash your extensions using a product for “dry/damaged” hair will give you the best results.
  • Never wash your hair extensions while they are attached to your head.
  • Never knead, rub or twist the hairpiece while washing
  • It is best to let your hair extensions to air dry.
  • NEVER brush your hairpiece while wet



  • As mentioned in or Q & A, the QueenB Range can be coloured and highlighted using professional products. We do not recommend you partaking in the process of colouring and highlighting your hairpiece and rather it be done by a professional.
  • If there is any uncertainty when colouring or highlighting it is best to do a small sample on the hairpiece before proceeding.
  • It is best to darken your hairpiece than lighten it, as with any natural hair the chances of damaging the hair are higher when highlighting.
  • When colouring your hair extensions, it is important that you treat them before and after, to ensure minimal damage.
Storing or Travelling with your QueenB Hair Extensions
  • When traveling or storing your QueenB hairpiece we recommend using the original hard body patented “black box” packaging as this was specifically designed for traveling.

  • Never store your Hairpiece while wet.

  • You should never sleep with your QueenB Hair Extensions, as this will damage the clips and your natural hair roots.

If you are unsure about any of the above or have a personal query about the care of your QueenB Hairpiece please feel free to contact us: orders@queenbhairextensions.com