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How to use/attach the QueenB Clip In Hairpiece?


 What you will need:

  • Tail comb
  • Snapper grip
  • Hair spray – optional (depending on how you want to style your hair)

The QueenB clip in hairpiece comes with 9 pieces (120gram/160gram)

Step 1: Make sure your hair is clean and knot free unless your hair is curled and this is the look you’re going for. Begin by sectioning the hair at the lower back section of your head. Divide horizontally using a tail comb. (Recommended, 2-3cm spacing)


Step 2: Take your first weft depending on your hairline either a 1clip weft, 2clip weft or 3-clip weft. Unsnap the clips open, attach the clips just below your roots, and clip tightly till you feel its firm. If the clips do not feel firm this is normal. Try teasing the roots of your hair using a forward motion towards your scalp and a few sprays of hair spray then try attaching the clips again.


Step 3: Section the next part of your hair by using the same spacing (2-3cm) you used previously and repeat these steps until you reach the crown of your head. Lightly run your fingers through your hair after attaching each weft.


Step 4: once your reach the crown, you take the 4clip weft, which is the biggest weft in your QueenB clip in range. You should leave out enough of your natural hair to cover this weft.


Step 5: After attaching the 4clip weft you should start with each side section, making sure you try to even out both sides well by using similar weft sizes on either side.


Step 6: Run your fingers through your hair and feel for any gaps, unclip the extensions near the gaps and snap them closer together.


Step7: style your clip in hair extensions to blend in with your natural hair. Heat, curl or spray, its up to you!


Step 7: to remove the QueenB clip in hair extensions, make sure you unclip every clip and gently slide up off your natural hair.