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Why choose QueenB?

The QueenB Hair Extension range is made from 100% Human Remy Hair. Each weft is both double drawn and double weft.

Boo-hoo we are quiet certain that you have heard/read this on many hair extension sites before!

So what puts the tiara on our brand? Well there are a number of factors, so lets start here with a few Q & A’s.


What does Remy Hair actually mean?

Remy is the process used to define the way in which the hair has been manufactured. The Remy hair process is one of high quality simply because the cuticles of the hair is intact and follow the same direction as the hair grew. This process ensures that the hair tangles less and no matting is caused on the hairpiece. If a supplier is claiming their product is Remy hair and they sell for less than a competitive price you should be weary.

Remy hair may be coloured or treated but the lasting quality of the hair remains as that of your natural hair when taken care off. Its also important to note that most brands have a mix of natural and synthetic hair hence making the hair extensions cheaper. Remember that most synthetic hair extensions can be ironed and not coloured so be weary.


Why does the QueenB Hair range consist of double drawn and double wefts?

There is a fine line when it comes to describing “double weft” and “double drawn”.

Double weft refers to how many hairpieces are sewn onto one piece of hair. In simpler terms if we take the 1 clip weft, if you turn it around and look where the clips are placed you will notice “2” wefts sewn together to ensure thickness of your hair extensions from root to tip.

If a supplier does not mention double wefts it usually means that it is single wefts, which is still good quality but your hair extensions will look much thinner at the bottom ends.

Double drawn refers to the method of stitching the weft, again if we look at the reverse of the extensions you will notice the thickness of the stitches which refers to the duplicate stitching on the wefts. This is also important as this prevents the shedding of your hair extensions which often makes the hair piece last much longer ensuring more value for your investment (hair piece).


What does the amount of clips/wefts actually mean?

The amount of pieces a pack of hair extension contains is not relevant. If the pack contains 7-10 pieces minimum or maximum the same concept applies. It is the amount of “grams” each pack of hair contains that really matters.

It’s simple, really…. Says Caroline, if you are purchasing a pack of 120grams of hair and one of the suppliers pack says seven pieces and the other says 10 pieces you are still getting the same amount of hair just a variation in clips/wefts. The pack as a whole, meaning all the pieces combined only contains 120grams, whether it be in 7 or 10 pieces in a pack.


The difference between 120Gram and 160Gram?

If your looking for length and don’t need the extra volume we recommend purchasing the 120gram set.

If volume and length is what you need we definitely recommend the 160Gram hairpiece, as each weft is much thicker.


How does QueenB counteract the damages to your own natural hair?

Each clip used in the wefts consists of silicone backings, which is beneficial for a two reasons.

  • The silicone helps prevent breakage of your natural hair
  • The backings also prevents the extensions from slipping


Can the QueenB Range be washed, ironed, coloured and highlighted?
  • The QueenB Range is made up of 100% Human Remy Hair, which means it can be washed and ironed.
  • When it comes to colouring or highlighting we recommend that you use professional colours to do so “Redken and L’Oreal Professional are good examples. Colouring and highlighting of your QueenB set should only be done by a professional stylist.